Micro Inverter Series 600/800/1200W

                             Micro Inverter Series 600/800/1200W

Key Features:

1.Wireless communication: The inverter adopts wireless communication technology and can be connected wirelessly with other devices or networks.

2.Power tracking: Wireless Series-R3 micro inverter has excellent power tracking function. It can dynamically adjust the working state of the inverter according to the output of solar panels or wind turbines to maximize energy extraction and achieve efficient conversion.

3.Data monitoring and recording: The inverter can monitor and record the data of the energy system in real time. Users can view historical data at any time to understand the operation of the energy system, power output and energy utilization efficiency, etc., to facilitate power management and optimization.

4.Intelligent management: The wireless Series-R3 micro-inverter integrates the intelligent management function, which can automatically detect the status of the energy system, and adjust the working parameters of the inverter independently according to the environment and load conditions, so as to achieve the best performance and energy utilization efficiency.

5.Multiple protections: The inverter has multiple protection functions, including overload protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, etc. It can detect and respond to abnormal conditions in the system in time, and automatically stop working to avoid equipment damage and safety accidents.

6.Adjustable parameters: The wireless Series-R3 micro inverter has multiple adjustable parameters, such as output voltage, frequency, etc. Users can adjust according to actual needs to adapt to different equipment and power requirements

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